Monday, October 1, 2012

Are we seriously here again???

I don't like complaining, but I am kind of at my wits end here. Don't get me wrong I know I'm blessed, I have a wonderful family, beautiful children, a loving husband who provides for us, a roof over my head, etc. I know I shouldn't complain.
It isn't the kids so don't get me wrong. I mean sure they can have their "hard to handle moments" but they are 4 and 1 so I'm totally use to that by now. It's not them at all. Rather, it's the way these last few months have been...totally hectic.
I thought things would settle down by the time we moved, but boy oh boy was I wrong.
As you all know we packed and moved toward the end of August. Shamefully I will admit to still needing to unpack some straggling boxes that we just stored in a couple of the closets. But in my defense right when we moved- school started up, birthdays and family obligations happened right on top of each other, I've been babysitting when I can, there has seemed to be double the errands for some reason, etc.
I feel like I am being jerked in all directions endlessly and it's been downright exhausting. 

Also as all of you who read my blog on the regular know we have been sick. Well, just as we all get better, we get sick again.
Yep, you heard me right...we are sick again! Well, hubby and the boys actually. For once I am the only one the sickness didn't invade! For now anyway...
All weekend the boys have felt crummy. They have been stuck to me like glue needing cuddles, wanting me to hold them every 10 minutes, etc. Which is the best feeling in the world...but not when it's due to sickness. It hurts me when they are sick because they are miserable and unhappy. They don't feel like playing, eating, nothing. All you parents out there know we just want to take that away so they don't have to deal with it, but things don't work that way unfortunately.

So yesterday after both of them started running really high fevers we decided enough of this, they aren't getting any better. We called the pediatrician on call who recommended we get them checked immediately. So we take them to the medcheck which luckily was open and saved us a long wait (and huge bill at the hospital).

I hate having to go wait at the hospital. It's crowded, the wait can be hours long (which doesn't sit well with toddlers or any kids for that matter), then they poke and prod and do all these things which your getting billed for in large amounts, etc. It's the most expensive children's tylenol dose I've ever had to pay for! 

So when it's something we feel can be treated just as well at the medcheck office we just prefer to go there. The bill isn't even close to as high as the hospital charges, it's much faster, and you still get checked by a doctor.
After both of them getting checked out they were both diagnosed with sinus infections and Lucas had a whopper of an ear infection to boot. No school for a couple days and antibiotics for 10 days. Hopefully this will finally kick the illness. I have to blame it on Indiana weather because I have been cleaning religiously! It's to the point where I am dreaming about cleaning doorknobs and disinfecting everything again in the middle of the night. Lol. The weather has been hot then cold and hot and cold. 

Hubby refuses to get checked though. Since he's a guy he feels he can kick it himself although since he has the same symptoms as the boys I'm pretty sure he has a sinus infection that requires antibiotics. But he won't listen to me of course. I just hope it really does start clearing up on it's on for him because when he gets ill he sees it as a huge inconvienience. haha. 
But that's our weekend/week. Hopefully everyone starts feeling better soon. We planned on going to the pumpkin patch this past weekend, but obviously we are going to wait until everyone is able to fully enjoy themselves.
So anyway without me prattling on more about this I have some homemade chicken noodle soup to check on. Nothing like chicken noodle soup when your sick and it's chilly outside.
My Happy Homemaker Monday post will be up shortly.

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