Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ABC's of Me

The lovely ladies from vB have been doing ABC's of me for awhile now, and for some reason I keep putting it off because I can't think of something to go with every letter. It's high time to post this though so I'm going to sit down and just go with it. You may learn something about me you didn't know. :) So here we go:::

::Age:: 25
::Bed Size:: King size memory foam we just bought this Feb 2012 (when the boys need us it helps to have a big bed, and when the boys sleep in their own room it still helps to have a big bed cos hubby is a bit of a bed hog! haha)
::Chore I hate:: Dishes and laundry (they are never-ending)
::Down Comforters:: I LOVE them. So soft and snuggly and warm without all the weight.
::Envelopes:: I hate to lick them.
::Favorite color:: Any color blue
::Giggles:: Something that can be heard in our house about every single day. Couldn't do without it. LOL
::Height:: I'm 5'9"
::Ice Cream:: Dot's Ice Cream. I seriously can't get enough! If you haven't tried it yet your really missing out. But it's SO hard to find! It's at the zoo we frequent and other than that we have to wait until we are at a theme park to get some, but such a treat every time! LOL)
::Josh:: My husband and soul mate. We are husband/wife, best friends, you name it.
::Kids:: I have two boys, Lucas-age 4 and Levi-age 1 1/2. They are my world :)
::Living arrangements:: 2 bedroom apartment just me, hubby, and our 2 boys.
::Mom's name:: Beverly
::Nicknames:: Hubby jokes around and calls me Princess. LOL. It's something he's always done because I like certain things a certain way.
::Overnight hospital stays:: Both of my pregnancy's resulted in kidney infections so severe I was in the hospital. With Lucas I was in there for 7 days at about 6 months into the pregnancy and with Levi I was in there 3 days at about 8 months into the pregnancy. For some reason I always get kidney infections when I'm pregnant.
::Prayer:: Helps the mind, body, and soul if you ask me. I'm guilty of not praying like I should, but it's something I'm definitely working on.
::Quirks:: I have a really weird quirk of smelling drinking glasses/cups before I drink out of them. Hubby calls it an obsessive compulsive disorder, but it's something I have ALWAYS done and I just call it a weird quirk.
::Reading:: I LOVE to read! I am ALWAYS in the process of reading something, and I just can't stand not to read.
::Siblings:: None by blood or marriage, but I have friends who are like siblings to me regardless. Particularly my best friend and children's god mother Rachel.
::Tori:: My first name.
::Unknown fact:: Unlike most women I can't stand to have long nails! LOL. I like to keep them fairly short so they don't get in the way of chores and playing with the boys. If they get long I will end up biting them or obsessing over them getting dirty because I hate dirt under my nails. I don't keep them super short like men's nails, but I don't let them grow over my fingertips either.
::Vegetables:: A big thing in our house and something we all eat. My kids even eat broccoli, cauliflower, peas, etc., with no problem. They've always loved veggies and broccoli just happens to be their fav.
::Water:: My all time favorite drink! When we go to restaurants with family I order water and they think I do it to save money so there's always a long drawn out discussion about me getting a drink, but I really do want water. I always drink water.
::X-Rays:: I've had quite a few in my life and I detest them! Obviously they don't hurt but I feel so invaded nonetheless. LOL
::Yummy treat I like to indulge in:: Icy Mocha's/Frozen Mocha Frappe's. I have a weakness for frozen coffee.
::Zucchini:: One of my favorite things to eat breaded, fried, etc.

So there you go. It was definitely a challenge to come up with a fact about me for each letter, but it's there. haha. Maybe you've learned something new about me, or maybe we have something in common. Regardless if you participate in the ABC's of me feel free to leave your post url in a comment and I will be glad to visit you and learn a bit about you!



  1. Love it! I'm working on mine right now.

  2. Great getting to know you! So glad you stopped by The Stiletto Files so I could find you. This was harder than it looked for me too but you did beautifully! I love zucchini too. ;)


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