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The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis - Book Review

::A bit about the book::
Amelia Devries feels trapped in the life handed to her by her parents. A talented violinist with the world's possibilities at her fingertips Amelia finds herself no longer happy in her profession. Even though music is her life's passion she just doesn't feel as if she belongs. However not willing to let down her parents she continues in her violinist journey playing the fiddle secretly on the side.
One night driving back from a secret fiddling fest she gets stuck outside a remote cabin with a flat tire.
So enters in Michael Hostetler an Amish man who craves learning and loves English ways. After disappointing his parents and community by not joining church he takes time away in the remote cabin in the woods. He is quite surprised at the English beauty who arrives on his doorstep with car trouble and a knack for music. They quickly form a bond and have very much in common when it comes to life's struggles and the understanding of being forcibly rooted into family's expectations.
Feelings between these two charismatic characters start to unfold as they uphold each other in faith and life choices. However each one comes from a very different world from the other, and they will soon realize that being together could be next to impossible. Wanting to satisfy their families while satisfying themselves could be much more of a struggle than each of these characters are up for. And they each have very big choices ahead of them...and to find out more I urge you to read the book!

::My Thoughts::
As you all know I am a huge fan of Beverly Lewis and her Amish novels. I have quite a few of them in my collection, and I imagine I will be reading many more to come.
With this book however, it was a bit harder for me to get through. It didn't pull me in right away, and I didn't really get into the novel until around the middle. I loved the characters, I loved the story, but I felt like all the events took so very long to unfold which seemed to drag the novel a bit. Mainly between Amelia and Michael, sometimes the feelings between these two sizzled and at the same time they fizzled. I felt like neither one was making as much of an effort that you would expect between two people who are romantically interested in each other. However there are many parts of the novel that make up for the stale air between these two. It did leave things unpredictable, and you will find it hard to predict whether these two end up together or not. I certainly was on the fence and couldn't predict which way things would go. It was all I could do not to skip ahead just to find out how these two vivid characters would end up! The mystery of how this novel would unfold kept me reading until the end.
I wish some more background could have been given on some of the characters such as with Joanna Kurtz and Ella Mae (the wise woman). Of course the author quite possibly is saving those characters for another novel (hopefully!) and if that is the case I will pick up a copy upon it's release. As with all of the other novels by Beverly Lewis I find myself immersed in the other character's lives as well as the main characters!
Despite the few things I didn't like, I wasn't disappointed in this novel, and I still found it quite enjoyable. I would recommend it because the faith is so deeply rooted in this story you can't help but admire every one of the character's personal faith in God.
My favorite character was Ella Mae and I wish there could have been more of her in the novel. She seems so real, and so very much the wise woman! She is spunky, faith loving, and oh so very honest. She welcomes all in such a way that I don't think this character could do anything to be shunned despite her age.

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I rated this book 4 stars on Goodreads

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  • Paperback: 326 pages
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers (April 10, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0764209779
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764209772

DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book for free through Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

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