Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Packing Amiss The War

I'm sure your all probably sick of hearing about our impending move in just 5 weeks, but I am so excited about it I can't help but talk about it! LOL
Hope I'm not boring you too much!
We have been going through EVERYTHING and I must say I am so relieved to get rid of stuff! There is so much stuff that we have held onto for nostalgia's sake, and it's just insane how much has accumulated! We live in an apartment and we have no storage unit. So everything is kinda stacked up into the back of the closets in various totes and boxes. I do not want to repeat this in our new apartment. Our closets have kind of become our own little storage units if you will. haha
I got rid of 7 totes of toys that was filled with infant toys and (although I'm ashamed to admit it) broken toys. I found literally an ENTIRE tote filled with broken toys! Toys that got broke so we figured "We can fix that, we just need this piece and some glue, etc and it will be good as new" but instead they all got shoved in there.
Oh! And let me just add that packing and going through stuff, especially toys, is NO easy task with children running around!
Every toy is suddenly their favorite toy! Doesn't matter if it's something they are too big to play with, or even if it's broken. Doesn't matter that they have only played with it a few times and then discarded it, it's their FAVORITE! lol
For instance yesterday we had boxes and totes lined up against the wall. Some were labeled "toys to keep" and others labeled "get rid of". We are sorting through stuff and I realized "Wow, we have filled up 3 totes already of stuff to get rid of". I was so proud and happy, feeling major accomplishment at clearing out our clutter. Then all of a sudden I turn around and the totes are all almost empty. The boys are in the process of putting EVERYTHING in the keeps. Grrr....so let's go through it all again. haha

In other news...

Do your kids generally fight over really silly things? Here's a peek at some of the stuff mine have been fighting over lately:

  • Who gets their dinner sat in front of them first
  • Who gets to use what towel (no matter that they are the exact same color!)
  • Who gets to wear what color pajamas (even though they don't even wear the same sizes)
  • Who gets to use what color crayon (then if they have the same crayon they fight over what one uses what crayon, God forbid one crayon has a sharper point that the other one)

That's just to give you an idea. haha. It's crazy. Levi is 1 1/2 and Lucas is 4 and I'm surprised that they manage to even fight over stuff like that. BUT just goes to show we should never underestimate children.
No one child is ever alike, and no matter how much we prepare for them we will NEVER be ready. haha.
There is no book in the world that can tell you everything you need to know about children, trust me I have read quite a few. Maybe they will give you some helpful tips here and there, but to be honest I have gained what knowledge I do have from my own experience and talking/reading other moms.
But I have to admit I wouldn't have it any other way than the hectic craziness of the way things are now. These truly are the best years.
The other day I was grumbling to myself about all the toys littered in my living room. It was like World War of the Toys or something, and then I suddenly thought to myself:
"One day the boys will be grown and it will be a battle just to get them to spend time with us, and then I'll miss all the toys"
Not to mention the day will come where mommy kisses and hugs will no longer be appreciated, and they won't want to cuddle up with me anymore. I will inevitably embarrass them, and they will grumble "Momm!" and I will yearn for the days when they would gladly run up to me or call "Mommy!"
Time goes so fast, and I love my baby boys. They are such blessings and they bring such joy. I do wish things were a little easier sometimes but then again it probably wouldn't give me that much knowledge or strength either. Plus my blog may be just a little boring without all the fuss and grumble. LOL

So anyway I'm off to do dishes since they refuse to do themselves. Protesting against me they are, but I shall prevail in the end! :)
Hope you all have a great day!


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