Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Germs & Back to School

I feel like I'm coming down with something so this is the way I spent my morning::

Cold glass of orange juice.
Anytime I feel like I'm getting sick I always turn to orange juice. A friend of mine actually takes one vitamin C capsule a day and she swears by it. I do have to admit that she gets sick very rarely, but I really don't like taking anything. haha
I'm the same with my kids, and they only have medicine if they absolutely need it.
I guess I'm a bit paranoid because in today's world you never know what will be recalled.
But hoping I start feeling better soon. I've just been really tired, some chills off and on, and a stuffy nose. Bad timing at that because the outside temps FINALLY became bearable!

I'm still awaiting on school paperwork to arrive. It has been really frustrating to us lately.
We had an apointment set to sign our son up for preschool. It was a bunch of paperwork but very simple. Everything was quick and easy, and I'll be taking him to and from school so no transportation is needed. A couple preschool teachers asked if he would like to go to the playroom and play with the other kids. I of course followed to check it out, but I knew the ladies from the previous year so all was good. I'm just overprotective.
I get all the paperwork done, they make copies of shot records, etc. He had speech therapy already so he had done some tests and they noted all improvements he had made.
Then they say I have to wait on the paperwork to arrive and they can't tell me what school he will be placed in. They say we can go get Lucas and then just keep checking the mailbox.
We get Lucas and leave and then we wait...
Then yesterday we get a paper saying he has been accepted into preschool based on his current skills. (I didn't even know you had to have any skills to get into preschool) The paper even had a report on how well he interacted with other children his age although he was a bit shy at first. Showed high artistic ability, and reading skills. The paper says to await further instruction on what school he will be attending!
I didn't even know they had to "accept" him into preschool and why can't they just tell me what school already? Not to mention I didn't know that my son playing with other students would be a "test" of sorts.
This is one of the reasons I really do not like public school, but Lucas really wants to go. He made so many friends in his speech class last year and he just blossomed. So I guess we will see how it goes and as he gets older if he decides he wants homeschooling we will go back to that.
But not knowing WHAT school he will be attending is really getting to me and totally throwing behind school shopping.
I can go ahead and buy the uniforms since we know the dress code, but what about all the stuff he will need for class? I like to prepare I guess, and school shopping is extremely hard in my small town. We have a Walmart which is a blessing, but the closer it gets to school time the more madness ensues. Walmart becomes a battle ground and parents are arguing over everything from backpacks to pencil boxes. Last year a couple moms were literally bickering at each other over who would get the last pack of 24 count Crayola crayons and who would be stuck with the 24 pack of Roseart crayons. There were no pencil boxes left and Walmart said they weren't to get a shipment in until that following week. Yikes, school was starting in a couple days!
Last year Lucas went one half day a week and I home-schooled him the rest of the time. He did require supplies for his both at school and our home class but this year will require much more. He will go four half days a week so I can only imagine the list when we get it. haha.
So anyway enough complaining...

How do you handle back to school? Are you an early shopper or do you like to wait until the last minute when the best deals come out?

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